Pop star Katy Perry wears dress with Obama slogan

Pop star Katy Perry is sporting a skin-tight minidress with President Barack Obama’s campaign slogan “Forward” emblazoned across it at the president’s rally in Milwaukee.Perry came on stage at Saturday’s event initially wearing a red, white and blue dress and holding a microphone shaped like the Statue of Liberty’s torch.

But after her first song, a cover of Al Green’s soul hit “Let’s Stay Together,” she tossed aside the dress to reveal the bright blue minidress.Obama’s slogan “Forward” is also Wisconsin’s state motto.Perry paused midway through her set to make a pitch for donations to victims of Superstorm Sandy.Obama’s rally with Perry comes before he’s set to be in Madison on Monday with rocker Bruce Springsteen.

Justin Bieber wants to be movie star

Singer Justin Bieber is keen to become a movie star.Bieber says he is looking at scripts and is interested in trying out action and comedy roles.“I have a few offers after my tour is done. I’m pretty excited, I want to do comedy stuff and some action but I don’t know what exactly. I am a jokestar and I am good at it,” Bieber told ‘Star’ magazine.However, he is not planning to give up his successful music career.“I won't stop making music. I would love to do a song with Stevie Wonder and a duet with Quincy Jones would be crazy.”